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We are a group of companies from different industry coming together as a single platform to better serve today’s market demands.

We strive in bringing value added specialties for a more professional and personalised experience

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Vega Edge

We implement and maintain IT facilities to ensure it performs at its optimum level. Our maintenance services focus on your most critical part of your IT investment: Information Assets. We design our IT solutions to allow manageability. When something breaks, we ensure continuity.

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Our talented and experienced designer are very knowledgeable, detail oriented and know what is right for you. We are not only providing you with a comprehensive design consultation, but also lessen stress for you! At Decorexion, we transform your dream into reality!

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With more than 20 years of experience, our ERP & CRM solution has extended from essential business operation optimisation to business growth via marketing. Our solutions enable businesses to optimise their workflow and at the same time collaborate with others to expand businesses together.

Cactoz Sdn Bhd

We help business owners analyse and streamline retail operational workflow, allowing owners to make concise business decisions with precision leveraging on today’s technology. We have over 15 years of retail management experience in different segments including hospitality, convenient and the food & beverage industry.

Cactoz Sdn Bhd